Next, select an action to follow our trigger by pressing the red + sign. Search services for Hue and select change color from image and then continue. Log in with your Hue account to allow the IFTTT app access to your Hue system.

In the new recipe, paste the location of the logo of your team and click finished. Hue will pull colors from the selected photo.


Congratulations! Your Philips Hue lights will automatically change to your team colors at the start of every match!

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By Josh Campa

IFTTT stands for "If this, then that". It's an automation app that works by creating "recipes" to help automatically perform functions between apps or devices.


Why would you want to set up automatic functions between your devices?


IFTTT basically does just like the name says; do something if something else happens. Some examples might be “Turn on Philips Hue lights at Sunset” or “When Amazon Echo/Alexa timer hits 0, blink hue lights.” IFTTT has a huge library of community designed “recipes” or you can design your own recipe.


How to setup IFTTT to work with your Philips Hue Light


After you download the free IFTTT app, you'll first want to find a recipe that you will want to pair with your Hue system. For this example, we are going to set our Hue lights change to the Portland Timbers colors at the beginning of the Match.


Add a new recipe in the IFTTT app by pressing the + sign in the upper right corner. You can either search for a existing recipe or create a recipe. Choose create a recipe.

Next, select a trigger by pressing the blue + sign and  search services for "ESPN".  Choose "New game start", "continue", "connect" and finally "done". Use the drop down menus to choose your favorite league and team.